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     Pathways to Rural Work -What is it?


Tree planting at Kinnaird Estate


Dry Stane Walling as part of the SCQF level 4 rural skills residential


Learning to coup ewes at Auchnafree Estate

Rural Work (P2RW) Strategy



The Pathways to Rural Work (P2RW) Strategy is the core of our work and is designed around a few key elements.

1. Create a multi-engagement progressive ages and stages approach to engaging

people with the countryside from cradle to grave.

2. Develop a partnership based, regional structure to provide local opportunities supported by a national strategy.

3. Facilitate a strategy that will provide opportunity to learn and participate in rural activities as well as  progress into training and employment in the rural industries.

4. focus delivery from senior primary to senior secondary.

5. Raise awareness of outdoor careers across all rural industries from recreation adventure to environmental and land management.

The PDF below provides an overview of the initiative.

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